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  1. IP PBX: IP PBX Phone Systems provide a unified communications platform in the modern business telephone and communications. Having the ability to create unlimited extensions based on the departments or users while providing the capability to carry your extensions with you, have web-conferencing, chat, text and social media messaging are just some of the benefits provided through all-in-one IP PBX systems.

  2. Audio-visual, Conference & VTC: Boardroom and Conference technology play important roles in fruitful collaborations between local and distant teams and customer engagement. Modern corporates look into these tools as part of their basic needs to grow revenues and profits.

  3. Access Control & CCTV: Secure and monitored access to offices, meeting rooms, entrances to buildings, car parks, restricted areas and specific access to authorized individual floors from the lift are some of the aspects that can be covered by Access Control Systems. Surveillance Systems integrated with Access Control can keep the workforce safe while monitoring the premises for any violations, occupancy counting and analytics.

Learn more about all our Products & Services

Learn more about all our Products & Services