• The Address, Muthangari Drive, 7th Floor, Nairobi, Kenya

Inform. Connect. Protect.

BCE Systems is a Private Limited Liability Company. The company’s products and services range from the provision of single “box” equipment to the integration of multiple systems to create quality, professional and uncompromised solutions to serve the critical needs involved in Broadcast & Media, Telecommunications and Public Safety. Our core competence is as a Systems Integrator. This refers to the process by which multiple individual subsystems or sub-components, through design, building and customization, are combined into one all-encompassing larger system thereby allowing the subsystems to function together as one. The symbiosis created through system integration allows the main system to achieve the overarching functionality required by an organization.


To be Africa’s premier service and solutions provider in Broadcast & Media, Telecommunications and Public Safety industries by building and investing in quality systems to serve our clients’ requirements.


To provide quality uncompromised services and solutions to our clients involved in critical fields, keeping them and the world informed, connected and protected.


Built upon the founders’ personal guiding principles, these central, underlying philosophies guide every aspect in our duties to our internal and external clients.


What Values Drive BCE Systems


We value our work, products and services we deliver and as a result, we always hold ourselves to a high standard and maintain an obligation to be accountable to this in all our undertakings.

Customer Oriented

Our client base is at the core of BCE Systems and our emphasis is consistently on guaranteeing consumer loyalty is accomplished in all products and services that we provide by giving full attention to customer needs

Ethical Practices

Our strategic approaches, cycles and strategies are equipped towards guaranteeing we consistently works on a decent balance and that moral standards, values and practices are meshed into our culture


We understand that innovation happens when new methods, processes and creativity are ingrained into the business processes and work culture and we live by this standard consistently.

Good Corporate Governance

Our business practices, processes and policies are geared towards ensuring the company always operates on a good footing and that accountability, transparency and fairness is weaved into our company culture


To consistently deliver quality products and services, we have a solid focus on attention to detail for all project specifics and cycles to guarantee delivery of unparalleled solutions in all client projects


We believe trust is the establishment whereupon enduring connections are built. As a result we cultivate a culture of being trustworthy in all our projects for the benefit our business-client relationships


We research and carefully select solutions on a project by project premise to guarantee that we always deliver excellent solutions on all client projects.